Info about Aveiro

Aveiro is a city on the west coast of Portugal built around a lagoon known as Ria de Aveiro.

It is distinguished by its canals navigated by colorful boats - "moliceiros". How about "ovos moles" ?

The region of Aveiro

Located in the northern part of Portugal, Aveiro is a city with a rich cultural heritage that combines tradition with modernity as well as nature. It’s formed around a lagoon, Ria de Aveiro, giving it an unique characteristic.

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Immigration Bureau - SEF

When you arrive to Portugal and go directly to your residence/stay with a friend, remember that you have three working days to make an appointment at the local Immigration Bureau. In Portugal, the Immigration Bureau is called "Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras" (literally Immigration and Borders Service). In Aveiro they are located at "Loja do Cidadão".