Erasmus Life Aveiro Buddy Program

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Buddies are Portuguese and international students from all the different faculties of Aveiro. They have lived for at least one year in Aveiro and really like to share their knowledge and time with incoming exchange and/or full-time students who would like some help with their integration. Participating in our buddy program is a great opportunity to exchange knowledge, gain insights about different cultures, and a to meet new people in Aveiro. Buddies are there to make sure new students are being assisted with all issues they might encounter during their stay. Requesting a buddy is a great way to have a first contact person who is eager to help you out in your new exciting experience of moving and studying abroad.

I’m an incoming student!

Welcome to Aveiro! For you, going abroad most certainly means a lot of excitement and perhaps also a bit of anxiety. All of a sudden you find yourself in a completely new environment where people behave differently, both socially as well as culturally. You do not know your way around and you do not speak the Portuguese language. Literally everything will be new to you.

That is why we encourage you to sign up for our Buddy program.

A buddy is a student at the Erasmus University who can introduce you to the Portuguese way of life.

I’m a local student!

Sign down below and helps us making this exchange experience truly unforgettable.