Upcoming events

Dumbbells Class

Join the team for a workout

23rd May

Watch Party

The Office watch party. Michael Scott is waiting for us!

25th May

Sports Day

Simple run around Aveiro

30th May

Valongo HIking Experience

Done by Erasmus Life Porto

4th June

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Spa SalĂ­nico Aveiro

Come to relax with us in the best natural spa of Aveiro.


Recharge Class

Would you like a free work out? This is definitely for you!

6th JUNE

Fifa Tournament

Are you a good Fifa player, or you want to become one? The FIFA Tournament is wating for you!

8th JUNE

Sports Session

Let' s burn some calories with us, sports session is waiting for you!

13th JUNE

Ovos Moles

Do you want to try one of Aveiro's special sweets? Come to our ovos moles tour!

15th JUNE

Portuguese Movie Night

Are you in the mood for a movie and a chill evening? Come and watch a Portuguese movie with us!

20th JUNE

Surf Day

Are you ready for a new adventure? Come and learn how to surf the waves!

22th JUNE

workshop CV & INTERVIEWS

How to create a CV & succeed in a job interview.


CV how to create . Interviews how to answer frequent questions + tips . Email for applications template . Websites to find work.

14th JUNE - 5 PM