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Your experience is important to us! 

Our goal is to make Portugal the number one destination for international students and young workers, and we most certainly don’t want your experience finding accommodation to be a negative point of that experience!

Looking for accommodation in Aveiro

Hey! So you already know you are coming to Aveiro for your exchange! Now we need to deal with the serious stuff, like where you will be staying during your time here!

It’s important to find an accommodation that fits you, as it can completely change your experience of the city, as well as fits your budget!

It can sometimes be tricky to know where to start looking. Here are some of our recommendations!

Most exchange students will choose the co-living option, renting a room in a shared apartment with other international people.

Many times, the best way to do this is through Facebook groups: there are many, either for locals or Erasmus and international people, where Portuguese landlords will post ads about rooms they have for rent, or exchange students who have found a flat for rent are looking for other students to share the apartment with them.

You can also post there that you are looking for accommodation, and people will reply with options or offers!

Through Facebook, search: rooms for rent in Aveiro/quartos para alugar Aveiro; quartos no Aveiro; accommodation in Aveiro; AveiroApartment Rentals; Apartment and rooms in Aveiro; Aveiro international; etc

Check these links:









IMPORTANT: Through Facebook, you will find cheaper accommodation than some other websites, as you are normally dealing directly with the landlord, and cutting out middlemen. This is a good option, but you must be careful! There are many scams happening out there, so stay safe!

Some tips: 

  1. Under normal circumstances, don’t send money to an account outside of Portugal if you are renting a room in Portugal - if you are scammed, even if you go to the police, they can’t help you.
  2. Make sure to check the address on google maps! This seems obvious, but make sure the house/building exists! Even better if a friend can go check it out in person, of course.
  3. Try to have a video chat with the landlord where he shows you around the apartment, make sure it coincides with the pictures from the advert, and ask him to show you the street view! Like this, you can also check through google maps making sure its in the advertised location and not elsewhere.
  4. Contracts! If your landlord provides one (he should!) make sure to read carefully all the details, or extra fees that might be hidden.

If you want the peace of mind of easily renting a verified flat or room, at a little extra cost, you should visit websites such as:

  • uniplaces

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  • inlife

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  • airbnb
  • spotahome
  • ERASMUS LIFE HOUSING - https://www.erasmuslifehousing.com/

Here, you can normally be sure that everything will be as advertised, with verified apartments, and they will definitely be available to help you out with any problems or situations that may arise. Of course, you must expect a bit higher price than renting directly to a private landlord, due to booking fees.

If you decide to go with this option, be sure to use our discount codes for the booking fees!

Good luck and see you soon in Aveiro!