Why visit Slovakia

A small country with a lot of possibillities. That is a heart of Europe – Slovakia. If you are lover of mountains, lakes, rivers and beautiful nature, Slovakia is a good choice for your trip. High Tatras are world-famous mountains with many hiking trails. From the highest peaks of the mountains, you can see picturesque views of lakes and forests. While hiking you can see special and rare animals like lynx, chamois and others. In this green area of Slovakia, you can always take a rest, forget all your problems and have a peaceful mind. That is a magic of Slovak nature.

If you prefer city life, capital of Slovakia – Bratislava has a lot of options for you. Shopping, sightseeing, good restaurants and nightlife are just some of the activities you can do there. The dominant feature of the city is Bratislava Castle, Restaurant UFO with atypical architecture and also Danube River, famous for boat trips.

Slovakia has many national traditions. We have a diverse cuisine and the most typical dish is called ,,bryndzové halušky“ (gnocchi with a sheep cheese). Popular aspects of Slovak culture are folk costumes, dances and songs which continue from generations to generations. These traditional songs, dances and customs come from the past and they are still a part of Slovak weddings and celebrations.

Advantage of visiting Slovakia are four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter. There is something unique in every season. You can see diverse things like blooming flowers, sunny weather, falling leaves and snow during the Christmas time.