Typical Easter in Slovakia

Slovakia is a religious country with many customs and traditions. Typical Easter is all about Christian habits which include prayers, spending time with family and fasting for 40 days. Easter Monday in Slovakia is very unique. During this special day, it is a tradition for boys and men to go from house to house to whip girls and women with traditional handmade whips decorated with ribbons. Women offer them coloured hard boiled eggs, sweets and money in return. They are also sprinkled with water which should bring them health and happiness for the whole year.

Other activities include painting eggs and baking sweet easter sheep.  During the Easter period, we are fasting of meatespecially during Easter Friday, which is associated with the death of Jesus. But after fasting there is a festive Easter menu: salad with mayonnaise, meat, ham and some baked sweets. Also good (home made) alcohol cannot be missing on the table during Easter Monday. Some boys and girls wear tradiotinal slovaks clothes and sing Slovak songs.

In general, Easter weekend is mostly about family, religion, celebration and great food.

So if you want to experience interesting traditions and see another culture, you should visit Slovakia during this period.