The water city

Aveiro breathes culture and tradition, youth, and innovation. The wonderful Museum and the Baroque tomb of Princess Santa Joana, the tiles of Art Nouveau, the avant-garde University and the surprising moliceiros, are a good example of what is most particular about this city.

On the Aveiro City Tour you can get to know the whole history of the city on a guided tour of the historic center and the Cathedral. This is followed by a charming 1-hour cruise on one of its colorful moliceiro boats.

Walking through the canals of the River in a moliceiro, is an experience difficult to match. Enjoy the beautiful Art Nouveau mansions and the Captaincy, the surprising Congress Center, the original Forum and some of the many pastry shops that sell the local specialty: the “ovos moles” or soft eggs, a conventual sweet made with eggs and sugar, sold in small wooden barrels or maritime themed wafers. Observe the salt pans and their ancient methods of collecting salt, which are lined in the horizon like shining light pyramids. And be marveled by the unique character of this city which is one of the most original Portuguese cities!

The Aveiro River runs parallel to the Atlantic from Ovar to Mira and is considered one of the most beautiful hydrographic accidents on the Portuguese coast. It has an enormous ecological richness, because in its waters many animals and plants live there. The canals of the River penetrate to the central area of Aveiro (the Rossio) and radiate to the surroundings of the old Ceramic Factory (now the Cultural and Congress Center), close to the train station. The station, exuberantly decorated with 28 tile panels, is another notable attraction in Aveiro.