Beaches in Aveiro

One of the most beautiful things to see in Aveiro are beaches. They are typical especially by a lot of sand dunes. Beaches in Aveiro offers you a lot of activities like surfing, walking, chilling, playing sports, watching sunset or just listening to the sound of waves.

Praia de Barra is a long beach with sand dunes and lot of beach bars. This beach is famous also for the tallest lighthouse in Portugal. It is open to public every wednesday in the afternoon. The view from the top offers you different perspective of Aveiro. On the beach you can find also surf schools if you are lover of catching waves. Good activity in the evening is watching sunset. You can combine it with meeting friends, good music, snacks or just chilling with wave melody. If you want to be more active, there is wooden road which you can walk. This walk can take you to the another beach – Costa Nova.

Costa Nova is a beach famous for colourful houses with stripes. These striped colorful houses are known as palheiros. They were used by the fishermen to store their fishing nets. By the time the palheiros have been restored into beautiful houses for holiday. Costa Nova and Praia de Barra are popular, but Aveiro has more hidden beaches which looks like secret paradise. If you are beach lover, you should change your clock to the beach time and come for vitamin sea to Aveiro.